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Crime Prevention - SmartWater

By Heather Coonick Stanton Lacy Parish Council

Monday, 11 January 2021


Stanton Lacy Parish Council Contributor


Smartwater in Stanton Lacy Parish

As you drive around the area some of you may have noticed posters on lamp posts warning thieves to be aware that SmartWater is being used in the area. SmartWater is a colourless liquid that contains a unique forensic fingerprint. SmartWater provides proof of ownership, linking property to the rightful owner and criminals to a crime scene.

Shropshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “SmartWater is proven to prevent burglaries, and it is already acting as an extremely effective deterrent across West Mercia.’’ “By preventing the crime from happening in the first place we are protecting people from becoming victims of crime as well as saving a significant amount of money.” The PCC is offering Parish Council’s the opportunity to purchase kits at a reduced rate of 50%, if they purchase enough kits for 80% of households in their Parish.

At the last Stanton Lacy Parish Council meeting the councillors discussed whether the Parish Council should purchase SmartWater kits for parishioners, but were aware that such a purchase would increase the amount each household pays in the precept element of their council tax bill. It is estimated that to purchase a SmartWater kit for 80% of the households in the parish would cost the Parish Council approximately £1200 and increase the average precept by approximately £7.20.

To help the Parish Council decide upon this expenditure it would be helpful to know the views of Parishioners, the Parish Council will then discuss the responses at their meeting in January before setting the Parish Precept. Please let the Parish Clerk, Heather Coonick, know your views by email: or Hopton Gate Cottage, Haytons Bent, Ludlow. SY8 2BE

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